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Site updated on November 23rd, 2017
Antique oyster plate specialist in Paris, France.
A reference for dealers and oyster plate collectors.
* The oyster plate Museum *
A lot of useful information for collectors and antique dealers...
Currently more than 300 rated antique oyster plates, platters & servers in the following categories :
Aquitaine, France
Baudour, Belgium
Bavaria, Germany
Boch, Belgium
Carlsbad, Austria
Choisy, France
Digoin, France
Doulton, England
George Jones, England
Gien, France
Quimper, France
Henriot, St Jean de Bretagne, Pornic...
Eastern France
Sarreguemines, Lunéville, Orchies...
Boch, Minton, Bavaria...
Southern France
Vallauris, Proceram, Varages...
Central France
Limoges, Gien, Niderviller...
Hall, USA
Lalique, France
Limoges, France
Longchamp, France
Longwy, France
Lunéville, France
Minton, England
Moustiers, France
Niderviller, France
Orchies, France
Paris, France
Pillivuyt, France
Procéram, France
Quimper, France
Salins, France
Saint-Amand, France
Saint-Clément, France
Samuel Lear, England
Sarreguemines, France
Schönwald, Germany
Member of the Majolica Society
Union Porcelain Works, USA
Vallauris, France
Varages, France
Victoria, Austria
Villeroy&Boch, Luxembourg
Waechtersbach, Germany
Wedgwood, England
Weimar, Germany

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Platters & Servers
* The oyster plate Gallery *
A selection of lovely antique oyster plates available for sale...
Currently 60 oyster plates, platters & servers and complete sets in the following categories :
Duo Sets
Only Longchamp majolica oyster plates...
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