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This famous English manufacture was founded around 1758 by Josiah Wedgwood.  It has produced during two centuries a large range of bone china pieces such as tea-set, medallions or plates.  The decoration represents often raised figures in monochrome background (blue, marron, violet, black and even green).
Wedgwood's mark is always carved in full on the bottom.
Wedgwood Dolfin
Ca 1880s, WED010 ****
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Wedgwood Fish Heads I
Ca 1880s, WED020 ****
Wedgwood Fish Heads II
Ca 1880s, WED030 ****
Wedgwood Turquoise & Cobalt
Ca 1880s, WED040 ****
Wedgwood Pissenlits
Ca 1880s, WED050 ****
Wedgwood Pensées
Ca 1880s, WED060 ****
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Wedgwood Pensées II
Ca 1880s, WED070 ****
Wedgwood Pensées III
Ca 1880s, WED080 ****
Wedgwood Saint-Jacques 5-well
Ca 1880s, WED080 ****