Salins, France  (Eastern France)
Salins Granit **
Ca 1950s, SAL040
Salins Green & Lemon Server ***
Ca 1950s, SAL910
The factory of Salins was founded in 1857 in the old Capucins covent.  The factory benefited from the hydraulic power of the river and of the many roads and railways.  In spite of administrative difficulties, this earthenware factory maintained its activity through out the 19th century.  Salins was awarded with the gold medal in the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris in 1912.  Salins has manufactured some Barbotine and Art Déco Majolica oyster plates from 1880s to 1960s.
Salins Green & Floral ****
Ca 1890s, SAL010
Salins Green & Brown ****
Ca 1890s, SAL020
Salins Seaweed & Lemon **
Ca 1950s, SAL030
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Salins Sealife ***
Ca 1950s, SAL050
Salins Sealife Server ***
Ca 1950s, SAL920
Salins Bluish Seaweed & Lemon **
Ca 1950s, SAL060
Salins Ecume de Mer **
Ca 1950s, SAL070
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