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Saint-Clément Gray & Lemon
Ca 1920s,  STC040 ***
Saint-Clément Deep Alga
Ca 1950s, STC080 ***
In 1758, Jacques Chambrette, founder of the Lunéville manufacture, created the factory of St-Clément specialized in the crafting of luxury wares for the French market. Lunéville St-Clément became rapidly the Royal supplier of Faience (majolica) dinnerware to the unfortunate Queen Marie-Antoinette for her exquisite country château at the Trianon near Versailles. Over three centuries of creative excellence factory has been home to many of the most famous artists : Cyfflé, Bussière, Lachenal, Emille Gallé, to name but a few. Saint-Clément has manufactured some beautiful Barbotine oyster plates from.circa 1870 to1950.
Saint-Clément Green & Pink
Ca 1890s, STC010 ****
Saint-Clément Kaki
Ca 1900s, STC020 ****
Saint-Clément Brown
Ca 1920s, STC030 ***
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Saint-Clément Dark Green & Lemon Ca 1950s, STC050 ***
Saint-Clément Cream
Ca 1950s, STC060 ***
Saint-Clément Purple
Ca 1950s,  STC070 ***
Saint-Clément Ecume de Mer
Ca 1950s, STC090 ***
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