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Page updated on June 8, 2006
Antique oyster plates specialist in Paris, France.
A reference for oyster plates collectors.
About rating definition and prices

Our purpose is to provide to oyster plates collectors and dealers some useful information about oyster plates manufacturers and various models of oyster plates. We've defined a simple rating model. A number of stars is given to each oyster plate. Criteria taken into account are rarety, age and price.

*         Not rare.
**       Plate not too difficult to find at affordable price. Good starter plate for new collectors.
***     Beautiful plate to have in a collection.
****   Rare and beautiful piece.
***** Very rare and beautiful, unique piece.
NS      Piece not signed

All plates in our Oyster Plate Gallery (more than 200 rated antique oyster plates and a lot of useful information about 40 manufacturers) and our selection of lovely oyster plates for sale at affordable prices (currently 50 oyster plates available in 6 categories) are rated according to above mentioned definition.

One of the most frequent question is "What's the value of oyster plates?". This is always very fluctuating.

Here are price ranges based on our experience, on transactions that we've completed and transactions that we're aware of. These prices shall be considered as indications.
*        From $1 to $30.
**      From $30 to $60.
***    From $60 to $100.
****  From $100 to $200.
*****Over $200.

For more precise valuation on a specific oyster plate, please contact us.
We would appreciate to get your feedback and comments about rating definition and if you think that based on additional information an individual plate rating should be updated. Any suggestion to make OysterPlates.com a helpful reference for collectors and dealers is highly appreciated!

Thank you for contacting us !

Caroline & Patrick, Paris, France
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