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Quimper Broderie ****
The production of Quimper began in the late 1600s at the Bosquet factory named for its owner, Jean-Baptiste Bosquet. Two other families joined in the production of Quimper in the early 1700s, Eloury and Dumaine.  While these three factories continued to produce Quimper into the 20th century, they did go through some changes. In the late 18th century, the Bosquet and Eloury factories received name changes due to marriages. Bosquet became de la Hubaudière and later HB for Hubaudière-Bosquet, while Eloury survived as Eloury-Porquier and then Porquier-Beau. During the 19th century, Jules Henriot bought the Dumaine factory and changed its name to Henriot, also known as HR Henriot. At the beginning of the 20th century, HB, Porquier-Beau, and Henriot were the three factories producing Quimper.
Quimper Corbeille I *** QMP010
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Quimper Bouton d'or ****
Quimper Fleur de Lys ****
Quimper Brittany Floral ****
Quimper  Brown & Orange ***
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Quimper Cobalt ****
Quimper Corbeille II *** QMP020
Quimper Corbeille Ivory *** QMP030
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