Orchies, France  (Eastern France)

Orchies Brown Server
Ca 1960, ORC910 ***
Orchies is a majolica manufacturer in Eastern France near Lille. It is also known under the mark "Moulin des Loups".
Here are some models manufactured between 1920s and 1960s.
Orchies Light Green & Ivory
Ca 1920, ORC010 ****
Orchies Arlequin Turquoise
Ca 1920s, ORC030 *****
Orchies Pistache
Ca 1930, ORC050 *****
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Orchies Turquoise & Ivory Server Ca 1920, ORC920 *****
Orchies Turquoise & Ivory
Ca 1920, ORC020 ****
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Orchies Arlequin Pink
Ca 1920s, ORC040 *****
Orchies Grey & White
Ca 1960, ORC060 ***
Orchies Kaki & White
Ca 1960, ORC070 ***
Orchies Caramel
Ca 1960, ORC080 ***