Moustiers, France  (Southern France)
Built in the shape of an amphitheatre at a height of 634 metres in Provence, Moustiers, achieved worldwide fame in the 17th and 18th centuries for its potteries.  Its beauty, appreciated by the sovereigns of Europe and by the grandees of the world, is worthy of this fame.  After 200 years of intense activity, dethroned by the fashion for porcelain and fine English pottery, the ovens died out gradually around 1850.
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Moustiers Azur Birds
Ca 1920, MOU010 ****
Moustiers Delft
Ca 1920, MOU015 ****
Moustiers Butterfly I
Ca 1920, MOU021 ****
Moustiers Butterfly II
Ca 1920, MOU022 ****
Moustiers Butterfly III
Ca 1920, MOU023 ****
Moustiers Azur Flowers
Ca 1920, MOU018 ****
Moustiers Tolosane Kaki
Ca 1920, MOU020 ****