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Oyster plates are generally marked on the back and can therefore easily be identified. We present in this section oyster plates not marked and not identified.
Any kind of information that could help to identify these plates is welcome, please contact us !
Pink & Turquoise
Ca 1930, OTH010 ***
Emerald Starfish
Ca 1950, OTH020 ***
Germany Art Déco
Ca 1920, OTH030 ***
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Orfinox Yellow
Ca 1950, OTH050 ***
Fish Heads
Ca 1920, OTH060 ****
Italy White & Lemon
Ca 1950, OTH070 ***
Portugal White
Ca 1950, OTH080 ***
Ivory & Green Shells
Ca 1930, OTH090 ****
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White Porcelain Starfish
Ca 1950, OTH100 ***