Lunéville, France  (Eastern France)

Lunéville Green
Ca 1920, LUN040 ***
Lunéville Floral Colors Server Ca 1950, LUN915 ***
Lunéville was founded by Jacques Chambrette in 1720.  Lunéville manufacture was first renowed for its blue monochrome and floral patterns.  Paul-Louis Cyfflé introduced around 1750 pattern with animals and historical figures.  Over three centuries the Lunéville factory has constantly adapted its production from the early hand painted Faience and Majolica to Art deco revolution in the 20th century.

The famous Lunéville ware with its Trademark Lunéville K&G (Keller & Guérin) has graced tables of quality around the world.  Luneville classic designs like the Old Strasbourg (The famous Rose and Tulip pattern), the Au Chinois, the hand painting barbotines Majolica and the triumphant revolutionary roosters by Lachenal are known and admired everywhere.
Lunéville Floral Color
Ca 1910, LUN010 ***
Lunéville Floral Black
Ca 1910, LUN020 ***
Lunéville Brown
Ca 1920, LUN030 ***
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