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Longchamp Dark Brown & Ivory
Ca 1880, LON040 ****
Robert Charbonnier founded in 1847 the Longchamp tile works specialized in manufacturing red clay tiles. Shortly after, the factory started to produce majolica and was called the Longchamp manufacture. It was particularly appreciated for barbotine pieces with vivid colors and great reliefs. Many beautiful oyster plates came out of  the Longchamp's moulds. These pieces are more and more hard to find.
Longchamp Emerald & Ivory
Ca 1890, LON010 ****
Longchamp Olive & Ivory
Ca 1890, LON020 ****
Longchamp Dark Blue & Ivory
Ca 1880, LON030 ****
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Longchamp Green & Ivory
Ca 1950, LON060 ***
Longchamp Turning
Ca 1890, LON070 ****
Longchamp Turning Floral
Ca 1890, LON080 ****
Longchamp Floral 8-well
Ca 1890, LON090 ****
Longchamp Seafruits
Ca 1920, LON100 ****
Longchamp Black
Ca 1950, LON110 ***
Longchamp White
Ca 1950, LON120 ***
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Longchamp Celadon & Ivory
Ca 1930, LON050 ***
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