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Limoges Gold & Floral
Ca 1920, LIM040 ***
Limoges Lanternier Floral
Ca 1910, LIM050 ****
In 1768, Macquer who was a chemist for the Sèvres porcelain manufacture discovered in Limoges a kind of white clay called "kaolin".  In 1840, when David Haviland arrived in Limoges, there were already 18 porcelain factories.  In 1842, the American merchant founded his own manufacture.  In 1880, he was awarded in the International Exhibition.  At this time, Limoges was the most appreciated porcelain factory in Europe and in America.  Theodore Haviland, son of David, launched in 1890 a new factory.

Limoges style was successively inspired by the Ancient Greek Civilization, the middle ages, floral and rustic ornamentation and the Japanese pottery.  There is still today a production in Limoges that has been essentially reproducing antique pattern.
Limoges Blue & Gold
Ca 1920, LIM010 ****
Limoges White & Golden Rim
Ca 1950, LIM020 ***
Limoges Cobalt & Gold
Ca 1920, LIM030 ****
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Limoges Heath I
Ca 1950, LIM070 ***
Limoges Heath II
Ca 1950, LIM080 ***
Limoges Turquoise & Green
Ca 1920, LIM090 ****
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Limoges Lanternier Gold & Floral
Ca 1910, LIM060 ****
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