Gien, France  (Central France)
Gien Medieval
Ca 1950, GIE070 ****
GIE Green & Black
Ca 1960, GIE050 **
Gien in Central France was founded in 1823 by Hall (former owner of Creil & Montereau majolica). Gien majolica was particularly appreciated by French aristocrats. This manufacture has adapted successfully different styles such as Rouen, Moustiers and Far East. The most famous mark has ever been the Triple Tower.
Different models of oyster plates were manufactured mainly from1920's to 1950's.
Gien Tricolore
Ca 1920, GIE010 ****
Gien Turquoise
Ca 1950, GIE020 ***
Gien Green
Ca 1950, GIE030 ***
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Gien White
Ca 1950, GIE040 ***
Gien Green Server 12-well
Ca 1950, GIE910 ***
GIE Green & Brown
Ca 1960, GIE060 **
Gien Turquoise Server 12-well
Ca 1950, GIE920 ***
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