Bavaria, Germany  (Europe)

Bavaria Heutschenreuther
Ca 1930, BAV040 **
Bavaria is famous for high quality majolica and porcelain manufacturer from Southern Germany near München.  There are different marks such as Bavaria, Bareuther and Heutschenreuther. Some beautiful colorful pieces were manufactured in the 19th century and the first part of the 20th century.  Production of white porcelain oyster plates continued some time after WW2.
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Bavaria Pink & Colors
Ca 1910, BAV010 ****
Bavaria Bareuther
Ca 1930, BAV020 **
Bavaria Porcelain White & Brown Ca 1930, BAV080 ***
Bavaria Edelstein Gold
Ca 1930, BAV060 **
Bavaria Kaiser Floral Individual
Ca 1930, BAV810 ***
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