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Antique oyster plates specialist in Paris, France.
A reference for oyster plates collectors.
About us...

We have been collecting antique oyster plates for years.  Our first website was launched in October 1999 with about 50 different oyster plates.  OysterPlates.com started in March 2001 and has been regularly updated since then.

The oyster plate Gallery
We present currently a selection of about 60 lovely oyster plates available for sale in 6 categories.  All our oyster plates are guaranteed antique plates.  We usually find oyster plates in garage sales, antique shops in France or we trade them with other collectors.

The oyster plate Museum
This new section includes more than 300 rated antique oyster plates and a lot of useful information about 40 manufacturers.  Our ambition is to turn it into a reference gallery for collectors and antique dealers.

We would appreciate to get your feedback and comments about additional information to be included about oyster plates and how to make OysterPlates.com a helpful reference for collectors and dealers.

Hope you enjoy this visit. Thank you for supporting us !

Caroline & Patrick, Paris, France
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